2017 Liberal Eyes n°07 – 22/02/17

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Justin Trudeau: Justin Trudeau: “The whole world benefits from strong EU”16/02/2017
One day after the European Parliament approved the EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA), the Liberal Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau travelled to Strasbourg to address the European Parliament on Thursday 16 February. This was the first time a Canadian Prime Minister gave a speech in the EP plenary.
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Local liberal politicians work to open up opportunities for citizens Local liberal politicians work to open up opportunities for citizens21/02/2017
Liberal local and regional politicians at the ALDE Group of the Committee of the Regions have come up with proposals to open up new opportunities for citizens and businesses. In the past weeks, ALDE-CoR members have put forward reports for an improved water management and for better cross-border travelling.
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Individual members meet in Portugal Individual members meet in Portugal 20/02/2017
Last week Portuguese ALDE Party Individual Members met in their capital city, Lisbon. Heading two important events, they shared their liberal vision with Liberal Iniciativa and Democratas, aiming at understanding the challenges of the current political issues in Portugal.
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Fianna Fail leader: Fianna Fail leader: “Ireland will continue committed to full participation in the EU” 16/02/2017
With Ireland being one of the EU countries most affected by the outcome of the UK referendum, the leader of Irish ALDE member party Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin TD, offered a speech at the Charetered Accountants Ireland on Thursday 16 February about Brexit as the defining challenge of this generation.
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Series: Meet the Individual Members UK country coordinator Series: Meet the Individual Members UK country coordinator20/02/2017
ALDE Party Individual members have launched a new series aimed at highlighting how country coordinators contribute to the promotion of liberal values. This week, get to know Andrea Rusco, the country coordinator of Individual Members in the United Kingdom, a community formed by 200 members.
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Sir Graham Watson recovering after extended hospital stay Sir Graham Watson recovering after extended hospital stay17/02/2017
Welcome back Sir Graham Watson, former ALDE Group and ALDE Party President, from an extended stay in hospital. Members will be pleased to hear that Graham is now convalescing at home and plans soon to return to his work on the European Economic and Social Committee and to the wider political fray.
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