ALDE Party and LI back Macedonian LDP ahead of elections

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 Friday 18 November 2016 11:11

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP, LI full member) is important for our liberal family, an important party in the region and the regional liberal organization LIBSEEN, an important partner of the ALDE Party and an important element of global liberalism”, said Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP, Vice president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) and member of LI Human Rights Committee at the meeting with the LDP leadership in Skopje.

 Accompanied by ALDE Party Treasurer Roman Jakič and LI Secretary General Emil Kirjas, Kyuchyuk said that the delegation was visiting various cities in Macedonia “to express our support and show our solidarity with our friends because they deserve a better future.” He added: “Our support is not only for them but for Macedonia and the Macedonian democracy. The region has only one way, and it’s European, pro-European and one to NATO”.

The European Parliamentarian, who is also leader of the Youth of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms(MRF – LI full member), connected the situation in Macedonia with his native Bulgaria, where the opposition won the elections just a few days earlier. Kyuchyuk said: “We chose a President who is not from the ruling party. People made that change. Not political parties, but the free Bulgarian citizens came out and voted for that change. They said the country cannot be run in the current way. This political shift could have an impact on Macedonia. Bulgaria and Macedonia are friends, neighbors, who share much in common.”

ALDE Party Vice President said that he wants to see Macedonia as part of the EU and NATO. “But to have such Macedonia there is a need of change that will come from the citizens. We do not live in countries of Europe that is governed by dictate. We live in a Europe governed by free and democratic citizens. Sovereign is the one who decides, and I am confident that the sovereign will make the correct choice for the necessary change in Macedonia enabling the nation to return to its Euro-Atlantic path,” concluded Kyuchyuk.

We continue to promote and strenghten #liberalism in #Macedonia @ALDEParty @RomanJakic@liberalinternat GS Emil Kirjas @LDPmk Goran Milevski

— Ilhan Kyuchyuk (@ilhankyuchyuk) November 15, 2016

After Macedonia, the ALDE Party delegation visited the fellow liberals of neighbouring Kosovo.

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