Elections see LDP and opposition end the authoritarian rule in Macedonia

Elections see LDP and opposition end the authoritarian rule in Macedonia
Wednesday 14 December 2016 18:12
The early elections in Macedonia have seen an overall victory for the opposition political parties, which pledged during their campaigns to end years of rule by the nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party. Liberalno-demokratska partija (LDP), LI full member, returns to the Macedonian parliament with 2-3 seats, as part of the broad coalition led by the Social Democrats (SDSM).
Following two tense years marred by protests in the aftermath of the massive wiretapping scandal that revealed high degree of corruption in the highest level of the government, the elections were seen as an end to the political crisis. The latest European Union progress report on the application of the nation to join the block spoke of “state capture” by the governing party. Without a clear victory and with a virtual tie in the number of parliamentary seats won the political parties will have to find a way to continue the reform processes in the country.

“It is clear that the ruling party has lost its capacity to govern independently, in an arrogant style, without checks and balances. Macedonia is now a different country, the authoritarian rule is over,” commented LI Secretary General Emil Kirjas, a native of Macedonia and member of LDP, in a national TV discussion as the results were coming in. The massive turnout surpassing 70% in many urban centres helped the opposition won all major towns in the country, giving a major blow to the government. In 3 months Macedonians will be voting at the local elections.

LI and its member parties have been offering continuous and direct support to the Macedonian liberal democrats and the pro-democracy movement in the country.

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