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January has flown by, and we have been busy with the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum, hiring a new Executive Assistant (an update will follow on that soon – stay tuned!), attending the ALDE-PACE in Strasbourg and planning for the exciting year ahead. Read on to see what opportunities we have for you through calls for co-editor of Libel and a working group on Israel and Palestine.

With this ISSUE we have the latest updates from the wonderful world of IFLRY.

Yours in liberalism,

Pauline Kastermans (President)
On behalf of the IFLRY Bureau 2016-2018

Globalising Freedom 

Call for members of the Working Group on Israel and Palestine

As decided during the Statutory Meeting in Amman, we will set up a working group on Israel and Palestine, to be able to have an open and thorough discussion of the issue within IFLRY and its member organisations.

Therefore, we are opening up a call for members of this working group. 

Please send an email to office@iflry.org if you are interested in becoming a member. It should include a short motivation for becoming a member, and a contact person within your organisation. You may include a CV. Deadline is: 28th of February 2018. 

Call for Libel co-editor

Libel, IFLRY’s online news and opinion magazine, is looking for a new co-editor, to work alongside the current editor Krijn van Eeden.

If you are interested in applying, please send a cover letter giving relevant experience, your motivation and previous involvement with IFLRY, alongside your CV to office@iflry.org by the 28th February. Please also state a contact person in your organisation within your email.

IFLRY at UN ECOSOC Youth Forum!

Last week, we had the pleasure of sending two representatives of IFLRY, Helen Hanbidge from the Young Liberals of Canada, and Mona Ramadhan from the IFLRY office in London, to the annual ECOSOC Youth Forum at the United Nations HQ. Both Helen and Mona participated in the discussion on the role of youth in poverty eradication and and promoting prosperity in a changing world, themes that are very dear to IFLRYs mission.
Our representatives engaged in dialogues with Member States, shared ideas on innovation, collective action and solutions to global problems through the perspective of youth initiatives.

This is one of many experiences IFLRY is proud to share with you, our Liberal friends. If you are interested in representing IFLRY at the next ECOSOC Youth Forum, make sure to keep an eye out on our website and future newsletters.


Frida Sigfrids from Svensk Ungdom Finland (SU), attended the ALDE-PACE Parliamentary Assembly winter session in Strasbourg in the Council of Europe, on behalf of IFLRY. She says: “This week I worked for ALDE´s secretary at the Council of Europe and prepared ALDE´s group meetings. The debates were evolving around everything from the situation in Gaza, attacks against media freedom in Europe to the functioning democratic institutions of Ukraine.
Within the week I also participated in different side events. Almost every event was related to Cyprus chairmanship. During the evening activities I had the chance to talk to the party members and get to know them better. On Tuesday, a concert for the Cyprus president and their chairmanship was held and on Wednesday the New Year’s Speech took place at one of Strasbourg´s finest hotels.

To sum up the experience I would recommend this opportunity to everyone who is interested in European politics and would like to see how it practically works. I learned a lot of new things and I am happy that I got this chance. If you are thinking about going on a trip like this I deeply recommend it. I had a blast.”

VP meets with CUF in Zanzibar
Our Vice President Anders Rehnberg is currently in Zanzibar where he today met with liberals from The Civic United front party. Beneath the beautiful surface of Zanzibar there is a harsh reality where human rights, the right to fair elections and individual freedoms are not always respected.

Thanks to hard working liberals there is however potential for a better future and the international liberal family can help by raising awarness about the situation!

We look forward to get to know CUF better and to cooperate even more in the future!

IFLRY Statement on the Saydnaya Prison hangings
We should never forget that when government fails, it fails big time. And these horrible atrocities of extrajudicial mass hangings at Saydnaya Prison remind us that our struggle of defending the universality of human rights against the temptations of torturing or dehumanizing the ones that have done wrong is still ongoing and hard. But after all, it is like Dostoyevsky famously stated: “You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners”. And it is on us to ensure that the global society is a decent one, one that does not accept or downplay such barbarities.

Latest on Libel 

The Ticking Time Bomb of Youth Unemployment in Ghana and Africa

Emmanuel Nsobila of Progressive People’s Party, explains why Youth Unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing Africa and Ghana, and what can be done about it.”No matter who we are, where we live, how good we might feel, we all face situations that cause us to fear. For young people Africa, a systemic lack of decent jobs is one of these situations. Without the prospect of a job, it is hard for us to face the future with hope and certainty.”

Read more here.

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