Issue 34 – GA in Beirut countdown!

With this ISSUE we have the latest updates from the wonderful world of IFLRY. This September edition includes exciting news on our upcoming General Assembly and Conference in Beirut, Lebanon. You can also see what has happened since the previous ISSUE, such as new additions to the IFLRY office team, important dates coming up as well as LIBEL’s latest articles. Read on to find out more!


Yours in liberalism,

Pauline Kastermans (President)
On behalf of the IFLRY Bureau 2016-2018

Globalising Freedom 

General Assembly in Beirut, December 14-17

IFLRY will hold its 42nd General Assembly in Beirut, Lebanon from 14th until 17th of December, 2017. The General Assembly will gather Member Organisations from all over the world. The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of IFLRY and will among other things deal with:

  • Statutory changes
  • Resolutions
  • Membership Applications
  • Finances, especially the budget for 2018

The event will be co-hosted by Future Youth and the Arab Youth Union for Freedom and Democracy (AUYFD) and supported by the International Democratic Institute (D66 Internationaal) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

For both IFLRY and AYUFD the topic of migration remains a crucial political issue. Therefore, we will organise a one-day conference on “Migration & Open Borders”. By dedicating a conference to migration and open borders in general, we would like to shift the attention from sole considerations about the refugee crisis to a more broad discussion on migration. Yet, this does not exclude the exchange of practical political solutions to the diverse problems that societies that especially the Arab World and Europe are facing in the aftermath of the Syrian Civil War.

Registration for the General Assembly and Conference will be made available soon, so stay updated on social media and our website!

Say hello to the latest additions to the IFLRY Team!

We have the pleasure of welcoming two new coordinators in our office located in Whitehall, London.

We officially have a new Financial Coordinator, Josh Newell, from the UK, who will be supporting IFLRY’s work in terms of finances. Should you have a question related to this, you can reach Josh at finances@iflry.org.

We would also like to introduce our new Projects and Events Coordinator, Denali Ranasinghe, from the UK. She will be supporting the work of IFLRY when it comes to organising events and managing projects. For any question related to her portfolio, feel free to get in touch with Denali at projects.events@iflry.org.


Draft Resolution on IFLRY Working Group on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict
The IFLRY Working Group on the Israeli-Palestine Conflict have developed a working draft resolution that the group has decided to share with IFLRY’s membership – you can find the draft resolution here.

During the process of several Skype calls and reformulations, the Working Group has tried to combine the different viewpoints within the member organizations to provide us with a basis for discussion on this incredibly complicated issue.

However, this is not where the process and the efforts of the Working Group ends. We would like to invite the membership to give feedback (i.e comments, amendments, suggestions) to the Working Group until the 15th September 2017. Please send your input directly to the coordinating Bureau Member Sven (sven.gerst@iflry.org), who will then discuss further steps with the Working Group directly.

At this stage, the Bureau would already like to thank Serap Merve Doğan Sungur and Joaquim Candel for their extraordinary work in facilitating this intercultural dialogue on this admittedly very hot topic.


5-8 October 2017 – Nordic event and in-person Bureau Meeting – Stockholm, Sweden


We have the pleasure of welcoming applicants for a seminar on Peace, democracy, and cooperation in Northeast Europe, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden between the 5th and 8th of October. The region of Northeast Europe has been plagued by conflicts throughout history and though the conflicts are fewer, we still see violence in the region and tensions are still high between some of the countries. The aim of this seminar is to bring together young people from Northeast Europe to discuss what can be done to promote long-term peace in the region. This topic will be explored by discussing several topics such as democracy, advocacy, youth participation, and how to fight populism. We will also discuss what we can do to integrate countries within the EU, how the eastern partnership can be improved and what we can do to promote cooperation between our countries. In the spirit of promoting cooperation, we will also have some joint sessions together with Social Democrats who are hosting an event in Stockholm during the same weekend. In addition, the Bureau will have an in-person meeting in Stockholm from October 6-8, and will be happy to meet all of you there!

Please see here our invitation for more detailed info. Applications will be taken on a rolling basis, so make sure you apply as soon as possible to secure yourself a spot. Deadline for applying is until the 10th of September. You can access the application form here.

6 – 17 November 2017, UN Climate Change Conference Bonn, Germany

The climate event of the year is coming up – COP23 – this time in Bonn, Germany. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is organising its 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23), where they among other things will discuss the very important rulebook to the recently adopted Paris Agreement. IFLRY will of course be there, and you can follow the Climate Change Programme on Facebook and Twitter for updates. If you have any questions or input to the Climate Change Programme or the COP23 delegation, get in touch with Programme Manager Kenza El Hadj Saïd via climate@iflry.com.

27 – 29 October  2017- Liberal International EC – Johannesburg, South Africa

The 199th Executive Committee meeting of Liberal International will convene in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 27 to 29 October 2017. Get in touch with your own or your mother party’s international officer to see if you could join their delegation. IFLRY will be there together with our Regional Member Organisation Africa Liberal Youth (ALY), and will be thrilled to see even more members at the event. If you are going and want to get in touch with the Bureau or ALY, send an email to IFLRY Secretary General Tone Bjørndal via tone.bjorndal@iflry.org or ALY Southern Africa Coordinator and IFLRY Regional Bureau Member Lidia Rauch via lidia.rauch@iflry.org.

Latest from LIBEL

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Climate Change: Staying below 1.5 °C, why it’s important for Canada? 

Climate change is a hot topic. In the aftermath of the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, cities and states have vowed to step up.  It is also time for other nations to step up on climate commitments. Earth’s average temperature has risen by 1 °C since 1850 as a result of increased greenhouse gas emissions. Read the article in full here.

It Will Take a Concerted Effort to Fight Radical Left-Wing Violence

During campaigns, politicians, including presidential candidates, often make extravagant promises to woo voters to their side to win elections. Most politicians build their platforms and per on a few emotional issues that are most likely to resonate with the voters in their key districts. They then promise to effect change on these issues if given the opportunity to hold office. Read the article in full here.

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