LI News Issue 450



Final preparations made ahead of historic congress important updates

Exactly one week remains until liberals from every region of the world convene in Mexico City for LI’s first-ever congress in Latin America. With an exciting congress programme full of interactive panels and policy debates, delegates are…

LI President hails historic victory for Canadian liberals

The North American continent is made up of Canada, the United States and Mexico: this week the Canadian liberals won elections, next week the liberals will host LI’s first congress in Latin America, which will include prominent US…

Politically charged congress programme awaits liberals in Mexico

From drugs policy to migration, Liberal International’s 60th Congress will tackle head-on some of the most pressing global issues facing liberals politicians today and give member parties a voice in shaping LI policy to address these political challenges.

Congress goes digital: download the app today

LI’s 60th Congress – the first ever to take place in Latin America – will be more accessible than ever before with the launch of the Congress App. Download it to your smartphone or tablet now.

LI becomes permanent observer at Inter-Parliamentary Union

The 133rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has voted this past weekend to grant Liberal International the status of a permanent observer of the organisation. The decision of the IPU follows the meeting of LI President, Dr Juli Minoves, with the IPU…

Liberalism has a bright future in Africa, LI president tells ALDEPAC

As part of a delegation of prominent African and European liberal leaders, LI President Dr. Juli Minoves delivered the opening remarks of the 10th Annual ALDE PAC (Pacific, African, Caribbean) Conference in Senegal last week, demonstrating LI’s commitment to the further growth…

Liberals pass resolution condemning political intimidation in Guinea and Burundi

Liberals have spoken out in rejection of the recent presidential election results in Guinea, following numerous reports of abuse of the electoral process and political intimidation of the opposition.

Gains for Swiss liberals in parliamentary elections

The liberals of FDP.Die Liberalen are among the winners of the Swiss parliamentary elections that were held on Sunday, becoming the third largest party in the country. The elections, which centred on the topic of Syrian refugees and immigration, allocated two more seats in the Swiss parliament…

The next edition of LI News will follow on 29th October 2015


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