LI News Issue 454


High-level speakers at LI human rights meeting on R2P revealed

The LI Human Rights Committee is pleased to announce a number of high level speakers as it is preparing to debate the future of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) principle in less than one week.

Liberals lead European Parliament in the call to protect Sam Rainsy

LI President of Honour, Hans van Baalen MEP, has been at the forefront of a successful call for the European Parliament to adopt a resolution condemning the clampdown of political rights in Cambodia, which has resulted in Sam Rainsy – the leader…

LI vice-president El Haite fronts huge delegation to COP21

At the forefront of Morocco’s delegation to COP21 – the UN climate change summit currently taking place in Paris – LI vice-president and Morocco’s Minister of the Environment, Hakima el Haite, of LI full member Mouvement Populaire, has been calling for an equitable answer…

VP Montealegre: Totalitarianism is being installed in Nicaragua

Democratic rights and freedoms in Nicaragua are regressing, as the government of Daniel Ortega turns increasingly authoritarian. “It is clearly aimed at dismantling the remaining checks and balances for democracy in the country”, says LI Vice-President on the Bureau Eduardo…

Egyptian liberals emerge as the largest party in parliament

LI full member Free Egyptians Party (FEP) emerged as the winner of the elections for the House of Representatives in Egypt. With the announcement of the results of both rounds of a complicated parliamentary vote* the Egyptian liberals will have the largest parliamentary group with…

Gibraltar’s liberals win continued support for government

The Liberal Party of Gibraltar (LI full member), together with their coalition partner the Socialist Labour Party, have won more than 68% of the vote in the recent national elections. The liberals obtained 3 of the 17 seats in Parliament, allowing the coalition to continue administering…

Liberal ambition rewarded as Montenegro set to become NATO member

Liberals in Montenegro are celebrating this week as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) extended an invitation to the Balkan country to become the 29th member of the alliance, fulfilling a long-held ambition of LI full member Liberalna Partija (LPCG).

LI member parties hold annual congresses

Election of a new party leadership and wider participation were among the important decisions taken by LI full-members VVD (Netherlands), Demokratesch Partei (Luxembourg), Open VLD (Belgium) and Keskusta (Finland) as they convened to hold their annual…

The next edition of LI News will follow on 10th December 2015


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