LI News Issue 455



LI HRC debates future of R2P on International Human Rights Day

Coinciding with International Human Rights Day on 10th December, the LI Human Rights Committee has met in the European Parliament in Brussels to debate the future of the Responsibility to Protect Principle, 10 years after…

VP El Haité brings liberals together at COP21

LI Vice-President on the Bureau and Minister for the Environment of the Kingdom of Morocco, Hakima El Haité, hosted a series of liberal coordination events in the Moroccan Pavilion during the United Nations Climate Change…

Refugees, Syria, and Europe: VP Löning speaks about liberalism’s future

“More freedom should be the response to the enemies of democracy”, said LI vice-president Markus Löning, once Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Human Rights, as he spoke to the Freidrich Naumann Foundation (FNF – LI cooperating organisation) about some of the most…

Liberal Minister sworn in to new Argentine cabinet

The newly elected President of Argentina, Muricio Macri, nominated his cabinet immediately after formally assuming the presidency on 10th December 2015. Among the key portfolios, Dr. Patricia Bullrich, leader of LI member Union por la Libertad, was sworn in as the…

Machado on Venezuela elections: “Remarkable demonstration of courage and love

“A heroic day!” are the words in which María Corina Machado, opposition leader from the liberal party “Vente Venezuela” described the landslide victory of the united opposition in Venezuela – MUD on the parliamentary elections on 6 December. “This…

RPG congress looks ahead to hosting 196th Executive Committee Meeting

Ahead of elections in 2016 and the upcoming 196th LI Executive Committee meeting in May 2016, the Republican Party of Georgia (LI full member) organised its 16th national Congress, drawing support from LI President of Honour Hans van Baalen MEP and the Liberal Democrats,…

LGBTI rights at the centre of LIs final Human Rights Bulletin for 2015

In the year since Liberal International launched its Human Rights Bulletin, the final edition of the publication for 2015 – which has attracted contributions from senior ministers, UN diplomats, and prominent activists – has been released, with a focus in this edition on lesbian, gay, bisexual,…

Vlado Mirosevic establishes education partnership with Tibet; meets Dalai Lama

Internationalism and inter-cultural exchange are just two of a number of fundamental principles that motivate many liberals, including Chile’s sole Member of Parliament, Vlado Mirosevic MP, leader of Partido Liberal de Chile (PLCh – LI full member), who has met with the Dalai Lama in India.

The next edition of LI News will follow on 17th December 2015


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