LI News Issue 497



EC Programme finalised: Fringe debates, new members; COP22 Summit and more

In just three days’ time, liberals from every continent in the world will convene in Marrakech, Morocco for Liberal International’s 197th Executive Committee meeting, which will feature as a high point participation in the UN Climate Change…

Canadian and European liberals complete historic trade deal

Two liberal politicians, Minister Chrystia Freeland (Liberal Party of Canada – LI full member) and Commissioner Cecilia Malmström (Liberalerna – LI full member), negotiating on behalf of Canada and the European Union…

Liberal-led governments top global gender parity index

For a second consecutive year liberal-led governments have emerged as the most gender-equal in the world, according to the annual Global Gender Gap Report, published by the World Economic Forum.

Ivorian voters back liberals’ constitutional change

Democratic reforms championed by Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara and leader of LI full-member RDR, achieved a major feat this week when voters approved the proposed constitutional changes by an overwhelming majority. Turn-out was slightly lower than the last presidential election at…

Chakarov: We must seek global solutions to migration and refugee issues

“We much jointly seek adequate solutions to the economic challenges of global development,” said Dr. Dzhevdet Chakarov – Vice President and member of the LI Bureau at the international conference Current challenges facing united Europe – the strengthening of nationalism in the…

Lebanon liberal leader Saad Hariri appointed Prime Minister

The leader of LI full member Future Movement – Saad Hariri is the new Prime Minister of Lebanon. His appointment as Prime Minister alongside the election of retired general Michel Aoun as the President of the Republic marked the long-awaited breakthrough ending 29 months of political deadlock….

DPP celebrates largest-ever Taiwan Pride

Just days after the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP – Taiwan) announced an intention to open up its constitution to become the first country in Asia to include same-sex marriage in law, Taiwan celebrated its largest-ever LGBTI Pride gathering in the capital, Taipei, where an estimated…

INLW President appointed as peace ambassador of IWPG

The President of the International Network of Liberal Women (INLW – LI full-member) Margaret de vos van Steenwjick has been appointed as the Peace Ambassador of the International Women’s Pace Group (IWPC).  

The next edition of LI News will follow on 18th November 2016

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