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LI announces 70th anniversary congress to media in Andorra

With Liberal International’s 70th Anniversary Congress fast approaching, Partit Liberal d’Andorra (PLA – LI full member) and LI met this week in Andorra to finalise the organisation for the event, review the venues and address…

LI forces response from Philippine minister over De Lima arrest

As Liberal International hit the headlines last week for speaking out at the arrest of Filipino Liberal Party (LI full member) senator, Leila De Lima, the Philippines Minister of Justice, Vitaliano Aguirre II, was forced to deny LI’s…

Liberal success in achieving marriage equality in Finland and Slovenia

Liberal International member parties in Finland (Keskusta and Svenska Folkpartiet) and in Slovenia (Stranka Modernega Centra), in separate legislative initiatives, have secured marriage equality for their citizens. Same-sex couples in these two European nations, which are led by liberal…

Ivory Coast and Morocco sign bilateral accords

Meeting in Cote d’Ivoire this week, President of the Republic and leader of RDR (LI full member), Alassane Ouattara, welcomed King Mohamed VI of Morocco, to strengthen relations between the two countries and sign 14 cooperation agreements.

Chilean liberals call for presidential candidate who can reconcile freedom and equality

Demanding an end to bi-polar politics in Chile, Congressman Vlado Mirosevic, of the Liberal Party of Chile (LI full member) has discussed his party’s programme for the 2017 presidential elections, in a recent interview. Congressman Mirosevic presented the perspectives…

In memory of Boris Nemtsov: Yabloko hits back at political persecution in Russia

Commemorating the second anniversary of the politically motivated assassination of liberal Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, Yabloko (LI full-member) has stood firm in the face of ongoing political persecution in Russia, organizing a number of protest marches in Mr. Nemtsov’s memory.

Lib Dems confront Brexit with ‘Right to Stay’ campaign

As the UK’s House of Lords rejects the Bill put forward by the Conservative government setting out plans for the country to leave the European Union, the Liberal Democrats (LI full-member) have launched plan to ensure the rights of EU nationals residing in the UK are protected.

The next edition of LI News will follow on 10th March 2017

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