LI News Issue 513



LI Calls for Democracy and Rule of Law in the DRC at UNHRC

In a written statement submitted to the 34th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), LI has called for the world’s attention to the urgent need for political reconciliation and restoration of the rule of law and…
VP El Haite offers debriefing of the COP 22 at Conference in Dakhla

LI Vice President on the Bureau Hakima El Haite, Minister in charge of Environment of Morocco, continues her international mission to raise awareness of the importance of climate action, in follow-up to the 197th LI Executive Committee which took…
LI and INLW Debate Women’s Economic Empowerment at UNCSW
Liberal Internaitonal (LI) and the International Network of Liberal Women (INLW) have joined forces for a fourth year in a row in order to project a common liberal voice on women’s rights at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) in New York.
LI HRC Chair Markus Loening calls for the release of Yabloko Activist Kiril Bobro
In a statement issued excusively for LI, Chair of LI Human Rights Committee and Vice-President on LI Bureau Markus Loening has called for the immediate release of the leader of the Youth Yabloko branch in Stavropol (South Russia) Kiril Bobro.
LI HRC Members Call for Badawi’s Release in the Wake of Verdict’s Confirmation
As the news broke out that the Saudi authorities have confirmed the verdict against the jailed Saudi liberal blogger, Raif Badawi, LI HRC Members Abir Al-Sahlani and Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP have released a statement calling for his immediate release.
Farron: Liberal Democrats are “the real opposition” in Britain
“There is only one party in British politics right now fighting to keep [UK} in the world’s biggest marketplace, who wants to encourage an economy built on dynamism, innovation and opportunity, who believes in a genuinely free market; who wants challengers, ideas, innovation…
Philippines VP Leni Robredo refutes calls for impeachment
Philippines Vice President and Leader of the Liberal Party Leni Robredo shrugged off the threat of Congress Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to file an impeachment complaint against her in the aftermath of her video message to an event co-sponsored by Liberal International at the 60th UN Commission on…
Congress Registration set to open on 01 April
Hosted by LI full member Liberals d’Andorra in coordination with European Liberal Forum, the 70th Anniversary LI Congress registration will open its registration on Saturday, 1 April, and close on Thursday, 4 May. The 70th Anniversary Congress will mark a history with the culmination of…

The next edition of LI News will follow on 31st March 2017

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