LI News Issue 522



UK elections lead to hung parliament with increased liberal representation

The early elections called by the UK government have sent shockwaves throughout the British political system, offering hung parliament instead of the anticipated increased majority for the Conservative cabinet. Liberal Democrats, LI full member,…

Liberal democrats join the new Macedonian government

The political crisis that engulfed Macedonia for over two years and brought the country to the centre of the international geopolitical focus has ended with the election of a new pro-reform Western-oriented government. The leader of the Social…

LI LGBTI WG Chair Calls on the Mayor of Sofia to Protect the LGBTI Community

Chair of LI LGBTI Working Group Frank Van Dalen has called on the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, to protect the rights of the LGBTI community in light of the news that Sofia Pride is in danger. The statement was prompted after a number of different anti-LGBTI incidents in…

LI HRC Slams President Duterte at UNHRC over extra-judicial war on drugs

In line with its firm position against President Duterte’s extra-judicial war on drugs in the Philippines, Liberal International has called on the United Nations to set up an independent international commission of inquiry into the alleged extra-judicial killings in the country in…

ALDE Party Council defiant to populism and vocal on international matters

Hosted by the liberal Prime Minister of Slovenia and the Party of Modern Centre (LI full member), EU’s first officially registered political party and LI full member – ALDE Party held what is considered “one of the most important and exciting Council meetings to date” at which…

Staggering electoral gains for CNRP set stage for 2018 parliamentary thriller

Liberal democracy in Cambodia received an enormous boost last weekend as communal elections across the country saw the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP LI full member) poised to secure more than a 10-fold increase in its local representation of commune chiefs and 46% of the popular vote.

Nueva Alianza Surges in Veracruz following Mexican State elections

Following recent local elections in four Mexican states, Nueva Alianza (LI full-member) saw its voters’ share increase in Veracruz where the party ran independently from its coalition partners.

LI HRC Releases 8th Edition of Human Rights Bulletin focusing on RtoP

The LI Human Rights Committee has released the 8th Edition of its Human Rights Bulletin looking into the challenges before the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP) principle 10 years since its inception.

The next edition of LI News will follow on 16th June 2017

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